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My Heart Will Go On

"My Heart Will Go On" is my first music video, which makes it a very special video to me, it's really meaningful to me. It is a tribute to the show, as if we, the fans, were the ones saying that our hearts will go on. It's a tribute to Xena and Gabby, to their relationship, and to the impact they had on each other. It's a little bit subtextual, but not too much, I don't like to define their relationship in my head too much. It's a tribute to Xena and Gabby's character development through the series. And when you watch it it's like Gabby's the one talking. I don't know if you will see all that, but those were the messages I wanted to send. I really hope you like it.


You have to follow the instructions closely to be able to download the video, or you might get lost. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience, but this was the only way I could upload it to my site.

1. Download both of the zipped files. After you've done that unzip them and make sure to put the files in the same directory. For example: My Documents. You will need Winzip or another similar program to unzip them (I prefer Easy Zip).

2. Now you will be left with 3 files on My Documents called MHWGO, but with different extensions. Go to the one called MHWGO.rm.bat, open it and follow the instructions. What I did was split the video in two so I could upload it, this will put it together.

3. Now a file named MHWGO.rm will appear, that's the video. You'll need real player or real one to view it.

And that's it, I really hope you like it. E- mail me if you have any problems. One more thing, the video is 7.16 MB so it might take a while to download. That's all. Enjoy the show!!!!



All rights to "Xena: Warrior Princess" belong to Studios Usa, this site has no intention of violating any of this rights, its only purpose is to spread the word, something a lot of us already know: XENA RULES!!!! This site was created by Natalia, all rights reserved, 2002. All songs used belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement intended. I'm just a girl who likes Xena a lot.