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Well, "Escape" is my second music video. I made it with a new program I bought, so it has better effects than the last one. Also the quality of the clips I used is better so it looks great. This one's about the twisted love-hate relationship between Xena and Ares. When I was editing it I was thinking about how hard Xena tried to leave Ares behind, but she never really could accomplish that, just like he was never able to win her back. I dedicate this video to Kevin Smith because without him Ares wouldn't have been as cool as he was. My heart goes out to his family and to everyone who loved him. I really hope you like it. Feedback is greatly appreciated.


You pretty much have to do the same thing you have to do with "My Heart Will Go On", but for those of you who didn't quite get it or didn't download "MHWGO" here's the deal:.

1.Download all three files and unzip them in the same directory. You will need Winzip or another similar program to unzip them (I prefer Easy Zip). This might take a while given that the video is like 9mb or so.

2. After you've unzipped all three files in the same directory you'll be left with four files called escape.rm, but with different extensions (escape.rm.00; escape.rm.01; escape.rm.02; escape.rm). The file named escape.rm is a .bat file and it has a funny drawing on it, go to that one, open it and follow the instructions.

3.If you did everything right the .bat file put the video back together so you'll be left with a Real Player file called escape. You'll need real player or real one to view the video. Let me know if you have any problems.




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