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Gabrielle: The Battling Bard of Poteidaia

Gabrielle's life was not very exciting before meeting Xena. She lived at a village called Potedaia with her parents, Herodotus and Hecuba, and her sister, Lila. She had a normal childhood never experiencing any sense of danger, pain or excitement. But one thing could not be denied, she was different from the rest of her townsfolk. Life in her little village bored her and she knew she was born to do so much more. She and Xena met when Xena saved and her and the rest of her village from a warlord named Draco, at this time Gabrielle's patience had worn out, she couldn't stand it anymore and the fact that she was engaged to a man she didn't love, Perdicas, made it even worse, so when she met Xena she was astonished, she knew that was what she wanted to do, be a warrior. Against Xena's wishes Gabrielle followed Xena to Amphipolis where she saved Xena from being stoned by the townsfolk who believed she was evil, after that she used the argument that she had saved her life to get Xena to let her go with her. After Draco was defeated Gabrielle convinced Xena to let her travel with her, and the rest is history.

During her time with Xena Gabrielle has had a lot of adventures, got married with her childhood sweetheart, became a widow, had an evil daughter, lost her innocence, experienced pain, both physical and emotional, but mostly has found the greatest joy in her life with Xena, her best friend, her soul mate, her everything. Gabrielle has gone through a lot of transformations, but the core of her goodness has always stayed intact. At first Gabrielle was a young girl who had grown up safely in the heart of a good family, she was very innocent and loved to talk. But after becoming an Amazon Princess she started to learn the ways of a warrior using her trusty staff, a technique that she used for quiet some time because she refused to draw blood. Then, in their travels to India, Gabrielle met Eli and decided that she wanted to follow the path of love, a path that she didn't follow too long before deciding that her way was the way of the warrior. Gabrielle's life with Xena has been very exciting, full of adventures, joys, pain and love, mostly love. Now Xena is dead, but the mark she left in Gabrielle will forever remain, now it is Gabrielle's turn to fight for the innocents, to fight the good fight with her friend and companion always at her side because we know that Xena will always be with Gabrielle, a love that strong and profound like theirs transcends everything; time, life and even death.