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To all those affected in the New York catastrophe:

I just want to express my sincere condolences to all those who lost people they loved in this very sad incident. It is very hard to lose someone you love, so we have to ask our Creator to give us the strength we need to keep going, and that’s all we can do now. We may not understand this now, but I believe that everything happens for a reason. Right now the world is mourning the loss of our beloved mothers, fathers, brothers and friends, and although everything seems dark right now sooner or later the light will come. To all those who survived and are now recuperating in hospitals my best wishes for you. Right now the best thing we can do is pray, and you should know that the prayers of thousands of other people around the world are dedicated to you. Although we weren’t directly affected here in Puerto Rico everyone is very shaken by this and we are also praying for you. All of you must know that you have our sole support. Keep hanging in there, I’m sure with time you’ll be all right.


Natalia González Ortiz

The webmistress