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Ares: God of War

Ares is the god of war. He's a very dark and handsome guy who likes Xena very, very much. By being Zeus and Hera's son he grew up in Olympus with all the commodities that come with being a god. He loves starting wars and being a bad boy all the time. He first set his eyes on Xena during her warlord days. After being her "mentor" for years he refused to let her go when she decided to turn good. By always trying to get her to come back to her dark ways he became Xena's greatest foe and, in many occasions, greatest ally. After years of tormenting Xena with his plans to try to get her back he finally admitted the truth, he was madly in love with Xena. He sided with her when all of Olympus was after her and her newborn daughter, Eve. He's the reason Xena & Gabby stayed in an the icy cave for 25 years. Believing they were dead he put them there to preserve their beauty. During that time he trained Eve and turned her into Livia, a cold-blooded murderer who the people used to call "The Bitch of Rome." After Xena & Gabby woke up from their 25 years long sleep Ares' never-ending quest for Xena's love continued, until he gave up his immortality to save Xena, Gabby & Eve from the other gods. Although this scored him big points with Xena it still didn't win her love. After being mortal for a while Xena gave him back his immortality by giving him one of Odin's Golden Apples in order to put the world back on balance. With his godly powers back on line he returned to his quest after Xena, quest that continued for all eternity, with Xena and himself fighting in lifetimes to come.

By having betrayed Xena many times by helping evil beings like Callisto, Hope and Dahak and by always being looking out just to himself Ares has proven to be an unpredictable character. Tall, dark and handsome Ares has a great sex appeal and his character was of great importance to the show. The twisted love-hate relationship between Xena and Ares was an essencial part of the show and provided us with a lot of entertainment. He might have been a "bad guy" but we all learned to love him. Ares was played by Kevin Smith, who died on February 15, 2002 after suffering head injuries in a fall; we'll always remember Kevin for his breathtaking performance as Ares. Ares wasn't just important on "Xena", but also on "Hercules" and "Young Hercules" where he constantly tried to make the demigod's life miserable. We don't really know much about Ares' final destiny, but we do know that he was imprisoned by Xena in a tomb (where he stayed for about 2,000 years). Then, after escaping his prison, we get to see the last of Ares on Xena's season six episode "Soul Possession", where he tries to reclaim Xena's soul in the present because of a deal he and Xena made centuries before.This time he loses again but he leaves promising that we haven't seen the last of him.

Ares Profile

Full name: Ares, god of war

Parents: Zeus and Hera

Description: Tall, dark hair, wears a beard and has a very well formed body. He's a very handsome and sexy guy.

Home: Olympus

Hobbies: He likes to torment people, start wars and play with people's lives.

Siblings: He's got a lot, but he's extremely fond of his sister Aphrodite, goddess of love.

Age: Unknown

Skills: A very smooth talking guy who can convince anyone to do whatever he wants (except Xena & Gabby of course). He's also a very skilled warrior (duh!).