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Season One

1.Sins of the past-After seeing the error of her dark ways, Xena returns home to try to make amends for her past deeds, but along the way she has to regain her mother's trust, fight off an evil warlord and meets a spirited young bard named Gabrielle.

2.Chariots of war- Xena and Gabrielle must stop two warlords determined to destroy a peaceful village, but while doing so Xena is shot by an arrow and is taken under the care of a widower and his children, showing her a life that she had forgotten existed; while Gabrielle feels strongly attracted to a young man who turns out to be one of the two warlords attacking the village.

3.Dreamworker- Gabrielle is taken prisoner by a priest from the temple of Morpheus (god of dreams), where she is going to become Morpheus' bride if she draws blood, while Xena has to go trough a Dreamscape (a passage of dreams) to get to Gabrielle and stop her from drawing blood and being sacrificed.

4.Cradle of hope-Xena and Gabrielle must save a baby from being killed after a prophecy revealed that at some point that child, which was not from a royal family, was going to inherit the throne of a kingdom; at the same time they have to help Pandora get her box back before it opens and hope escapes.

5.The path not taken- In order to rescue a princess and stopping two kingdoms from going to war Xena must get back in contact with of people from her dark past, including a long-lost love called Marcus.

6.The reckoning - Ares tries to seduce Xena back to her life as a warlord after he frames her for the murders of some innocent villagers.

7.The titans-Gabrielle unintentionally frees three titans who had been imprisoned in stone by Zeus himself, endangering her life and the lives of the people of a nearby village.

8.Prometheus -Mankind lost the gifts Prometheus gave it, the ability to heal and the gift of fire after Hera, Queen of the gods, imprisons him. So Xena, Gabrielle, Hercules and Iolaus team up to free him before it is too late.

9.Death in chains- When King Sisyphus captures Celesta (Death), Xena and Gabrielle must struggle to free her before her flame extinguishes and she dies, which would rob mortals of their the ability to die creating a world of eternal pain and suffering.

10.Hooves and harlots- When an Amazon princess is murdered Xena must find her real murderer before a war between Amazons and Centaurs beaks out, while Gabrielle deals with her new role as an Amazon princess.

11.Black Wolf- Xena goes undercover to help a group of rebels who have been captured; these rebels are heroes to the people and are under the command of an unknown leader who's only known as the "Black Wolf".

12.Beware Greeks bearing gifts- Xena and Gabrielle go to Troy answering the cry of help of Xena's old friend Helen; once in Troy Xena helps the Trojans in their fight against the Greeks, while Gabrielle meets again with a young man called Perdicas, who at one time was her fiancée.

13.Academy of the performing bards- When Gabrielle decides to audition for a spot at the Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards she encounters a fierce competition from a lot of talented bards, but one of them who is extremely talented is having his doubts about competing to win the spot, but Gabrielle encourages him to keep going and after deciding that her life with Xena is far more exciting, she decides to catch up with Xena again, but not before finding out that the talented boy she encouraged is Homer.

14.A fistful of dinars- Xena and Gabrielle must find a legendary treasure that includes Ambrosia to keep it from falling into the wrong hands since eating Ambrosia would a mortal an immortal, a god.

15.Warrior Princess- Xena goes undercover as a princess called Diana (since they are identical) to save the princess from being murdered by people who would take advantage from her death.

16.Mortal beloved- Xena goes to the Underworld when the ghost of her once lover Marcus tells her that there is chaos in the Underworld because Hades' Helmet of Invisibility was stolen, leaving Hades almost powerless.

17.The royal couple of thieves- Xena and Gabrielle join with Autolycus, the "King of Thieves" to recover a priceless chest containing an awesome weapon from the hands of mercenaries.

18.The prodigal- After freezing during a fight Gabrielle loses her confidence and returns home to find that her village is under attack. She must join forces with Meleager (who was once a great hero) to save her village.

19.,Altared states- Xena and Gabrielle have to save the life of a young boy who's going to be sacrificed by his own father, who is supposedly following the command of his one God.

20.Ties that blind- In an attempt to win Xena back to lead his army, Ares masterminds a plot involving Xena's estranged father Atrius.

21.Greater good- After Xena is shot by a poisoned dart, it is up to Gabrielle to save Salmoneus and herself from an angry warlord.

22.Callisto- Xena is shocked by the fact that somebody is impersonating her and destroying her reputation as a do-gooder by killing innocent people. To Xena's surprise this mysterious somebody is called Callisto, who was at one time one of the Warrior Princess' victims and is now seeking her revenge.

23.Death mask- Xena and her older brother Toris unite forces to take down Cortese, a man who once attacked Xena's village many years before.

24.Is there a doctor in the house?- Xena and Gabrielle get into a war zone and are forced to turn a temple into an improvised hospital. But things get worse when Gabrielle is wounded, so Xena has to treat the patients and stop the war before time runs out for Gabrielle.

Season Two

Xena's Universe