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Season Two

1.Orphan of war- One of Xena's most intimate secrets is revealed, the story of her son, Solan. Now she most join forces with ones who were once her enemies, the Centaurs, in order to protect Solan and keep the Ixion stone from falling into the wrong hands.

2.Remember nothing- Xena gets a second shot at life when the Fates show her the life she would have had if she had never learned the ways of a warrior, but soon she discovers that the world really needs the Warrior Princess after all.

3.Giant killer- Xena and Gabrielle help David defeat Goliath in an adaptation of the legendary tale.

4.Girls just wanna have fun- Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and Orpheus struggle to defeat Bacchus (god of wine) to prevent him from turning more village girls into his evil Bacchae.

5.Return of Callisto- Yep. Sheeeeee's baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!! Only this time the damages Callisto causes go beyond words. After killing Gabrielle's husband, Perdicas, Callisto introduces Gabrielle to a frightening feeling that she had never experienced, HATRED.

6.Warrior....... Princess.......Tramp- Here we go again! Xena must help her friend and look-alike, Princess Diana, when another woman called Meg (who is identical to both Xena and Diana) tries to steal Diana's identity.

7.Intimate stranger- When Xena killed Callisto in "The return of Callisto" she probably thought it was over, but it was far from over, it was only beginning. Callisto, with Ares' help, uses Xena's guilt and her dreams to switch places with the Warrior Princess. Now, Xena is trapped in Callisto's body in Tartarus while Callisto is back on earth with Xena's body. Xena must get her body back and defeat Callisto again before she causes any more damage

8.Ten little warlords- Although Callisto was sent back where she belonged, Xena is still trapped in her body when she discovers that Ares has lost his godhood. Knowing that Ares' descent from Olympus is throwing the world out of control Xena and Ares join to get him back his godhood. If they succeed Ares promised Xena she would get her body back.

9.Solstice carol- Xena and Gabrielle elaborate a very peculiar plan to teach an old, bitter king how to get into the spirit of the celebration of the Winter Solstice (Now we know that is was Xena who invented "A Christmas Carol").

10.The Xena Scrolls- Xena defines any timeline there is, so this story takes place on an archeological site at Macedonia in 1940, where the descendants of Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer are trying to find the legendary Xena Scrolls, the chronicles of all of Xena's adventures written by Gabrielle. But they are shocked to find that the tomb of the scrolls is also the resting place of Ares, who had been trapped there for thousands of years waiting for a Xena descendant to come and free him.

11.Here She Comes........Miss Amphipolis- Xena posses as a contestant in a beauty pageant in order to prevent the contest from being sabotaged and prevent a war.

12.Destiny- After Xena receives a deadly wound her memory takes her to a very distant time, when she met Julius Caesar and was betrayed by him. Despite the efforts both Gabrielle and a healer called Nicklio put into trying to save Xena, Xena loses her battle and dies, leaving a devastated Gabrielle

13.The quest- A grieving Gabrielle answers the call of help of the Amazons and decides to take her responsibilities as an Amazon Queen, while Xena possesses Autolycus' body in the hope that he will help her rescue her body before it is cremated in an Amazon Ceremony and help her find Ambrosia, which would give her back her life.

14.A necessary evil- When the evil Amazon Velasca eats Ambrosia and becomes a goddess, Xena and Gabrielle must seek the help of another immortal, Callisto, in order to stop her from killing Gabrielle and the Amazons.

15.A day in the life- "A day in the life" shows us what a typical day in the life of our heroines is like, saving a village from a giant, stopping an army and finding a way to discourage a Xena admirer from trying to court her are just some of the list of things Xena and Gabrielle get done in a day.

16.For him the bell tolls- When Aphrodite casts a spell on Joxer he becomes a real heartbreaker, very unlike his true personality.

17.The execution- Xena and Gabrielle must save Meleager the Mighty from being executed for a murder he claims he did not commit.

18.Blind faith- After Gabrielle is kidnapped Xena must risk her own eyesight to save Gabrielle after her eyes fell in contact with a poisonous fluid.

19.Ulysess- Xena and Gabrielle escort Ulysses to his home in Ittaca, but along the way a spark of passion fires up between Xena and Ulysses.

20.The price- Xena and Gabrielle find themselves trapped in a war between the Athenians and a savage tribe called "The Horde". But Gabrielle's worries increase as she sees Xena's humanity fade away in the darkness of her rage.

21.The lost mariner- Xena and Gabrielle help Cecrops break the curse Poseidon put upon him after they find themselves on his ship with no hope of ever getting to land unless the curse is broken.

22.A comedy of Eros- Cupid's baby son, Bliss, steals his father's arrows and goes on a shooting spree shooting the most unlikely persons and making them fall in love with the ones they would never choose. These are some of his matches: Xena loves Draco; Draco loves Gabrielle who loves Joxer who loves Gabrielle (this one is for real you know).

Season Three

Xena's Universe