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Season Three

1.The Furies- Ares convinces the Furies to punish Xena for not avenging the death of her father Atrius, so they punish her by giving her madness and persecution; only by avenging her father's death she can lift the curse from her. But everything takes an unexpected turn when Xena finds out that it was indeed her mother who had murdered her father.

2.Been there, done that- Image if the day repeated itself again and again and again. So this is what happens to Xena, the day repeats itself over and over again but nobody realizes it except Xena, so it is up to her to find out what's wrong and fix it in order to see a new day.

3.The dirty half dozen- Xena enlists the help of four professional criminals to defeat Ares and his newfound disciple Agathon, to whom he had given the metal of Hephaestus, an indestructible metal that would give the ultimate victory to whomever possessed weapons made with it.

4.Deliverer- Xena and Gabrielle travel to Britannia to help one of Xena's old friends and enemies, Boadicea, in her fight against Caesar. But while they are in Britannia Gabrielle has her own encounter with evil as she commits her first murder and almost allows an evil god called Dahak to enter the world.

5.Gabrielle's Hope- Thinking that the changes in Gabrielle's body are just a reaction to Gabrielle's first kill, Xena and Gabrielle prepare themselves to go home when they are faced with a very freaky situation, Gabrielle is pregnant, she is carrying a child fathered by Dahak, the evil one.

6.The debt: part:1- Xena goes to China to stop a villainous emperor and to face her past, but to everyone's surprise Gabrielle betrays her.

7.The debt: part: 2 Xena is able to mend her relationship with Gabrielle, escape execution and stop a ruthless emperor called Ming Tien.

8.King of assassins- Joxer's twin brother Jett, a professional assassin, plans to kill Cleopatra in her visit to Greece. So Gabrielle, Autolycus and Joxer himself, join forces to stop him.

9.Warrior........ Priestess....... Tramp- You'd think Xena's looks would be original, well, they definitely are not. In a rather confusing episode involving Xena, Gabrielle, Meg and Priestess Leah, who is identical to Meg and to Xena they must struggle to save the Hestian Virgins, whose lives are threatened by a malicious man.

10.The quill is mightier- Aphrodite casts a spell on Gabrielle's new scroll making everything she writes in it a reality, which brings chaos every time Gabrielle dares to write something in it.

11.Maternal Instincts- Gabrielle's evil daughter, Hope, reemerges and frees Callisto from her prison with promises of great power and protection if they join forces. Hope and Callisto unite and cause terrible damages to the Centaur village where Xena and Gabrielle were, and they even killed Xena's son, Solan.

12.The bitter suite- Destroyed by the loss of their children and the pain they caused each other with the betrayal and the lies, Xena and Gabrielle are transported to a magical world called Illusia to mend their relationship and deal with the loss.

13.One against an army- Xena must slow down the Persians, one of the most ruthless armies in the world, who are marching towards Athens with plans of conquering Greece. But after Gabrielle is shot with a poisoned arrow, there's no antidote to save Gabrielle and no one around to help them, Xena must face them alone, in a never-ending race to save Athens and her own life before time runs out for Gabrielle.

14.Forgiven- Everyone wants to be like the Warrior Princess, right? Well among these group is a young and obnoxious girl called Tara who wants to be just like Xena and wants to replace "Blondie" (Gabrielle). The three of them go on a journey trying to rescue a sacred urn from being sold in the black market after it was stolen.

15.King Con- Xena and Gabrielle must protect Joxer from a ruthless club owner who ordered his death.

16.When in Rome...... Xena and Gabrielle go to Rome to rescue a great Gaul warrior, Vercinix, after Caesar captured him.

17.Forget me not- Gabrielle's painful memories lead her to the temple of Mnemosyne, where she can decide if she wants to live with these memories or not.

18.Fins, Femmes and Gems- Aphrodite puts a spell on Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer because they are trying to spoil her plans. Xena becomes obsessed with fishing; Gabrielle becomes obsessed with herself and Joxer with the story of a monkey man.

19.Tsunami- Xena, Gabrielle and Autolycus struggle to survive after the ship they were on is submerged underwater after it is hit by a monstrous tidal wave.

20.Vanishing act- Again Xena, Gabrielle and Autolycus join forces, only this time it is to retrieve the stolen golden statue of Pax.

21.The sacrifice: part one- Xena and Gabrielle struggle to find Hope and kill her before her rebirth, if they failed to accomplish that Hope would come back stronger than ever.

22.The sacrifice: part two- Xena and Gabrielle join forces with Callisto in order to kill Gabrielle's evil daughter, Hope. But an incredible twist of events occurs when Gabrielle falls down a lava pit dragging Hope with her.

Season Four

Xena's Universe