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Season Four

1.Adventures in the Sin Trade: part one- Xena travels to the Amazons' land of the dead looking for Gabrielle's soul only to find the Amazons' souls trapped after she and an evil witch called Alti cursed them a long time ago.

2.Adventures in the Sin Trade: part two- Xena battles her once ally Alti and discovers that Gabrielle is alive after she has a vision of their deaths, if they are together in the future Gabrielle must be alive in the present.

3.A family affair- Xena's suspicions are confirmed after she travels to Poteidaia and finds Gabrielle safely at home. But after finding out that the woman she found was in fact Hope and after finding the real Gabrielle, Xena comes up with a plan to destroy Hope and her son, The Destroyer, once and for all.

4.In sickness and in hell- The week is not going well for Xena and Gabrielle, first Argo escapes, then Xena gets lice and Gabrielle gets a disgusting fungus all over her body. And if that wasn't enough they have to save a village, get Argo back, who was now the bad guy's horse and Gabrielle's tongue gets dumb after she mistakenly drinks some roots, it definitely was not their best week.

5.A good day- When Julius Caesar and Pompey take their civil war to Greece, Xena steps in to make sure they leave, and soon.

6.A tale of two muses- Xena, Gabrielle and Autolycus help a very tighten up town where even dancing is forbidden to learn to loosen up and to enjoy life.

7.Locked up and tied down- For the first time Xena is tried for her past deeds and is condemned to spend the rest of her life in the worst women prison out there, Shark Island Prison.

8.Crusader- Xena and Gabrielle meet a very special warrior, Najara, who leads her army to honorable fights and who is loved by everyone she meets, but soon her dark secrets would be revealed.

9.Past imperfect- Xena relieves her past when somebody is repeating the same tactics she used when she was attacking Corinth years ago back to the time when Borias was still alive and she was pregnant with Solan.

10.Key to the kingdom- Meg, Joxer and Autolycus meet very special baby who is the key to a precious treasure.

11.Daughter of Pomira- Xena and Gabrielle manage to bring peace among the people of a town and the Horde after they find out the adopted daughter of the leader of the Horde is in fact the daughter of a peaceful couple who lives in the village nearby.

12.If the shoe fits- Xena, Gabrielle, Aphrodite and Joxer help a young princess deal with her father's remarrying telling her different versions of the Cinderella.

13.Paradise found Xena and Gabrielle find what seems to be paradise, until Gabrielle starts to be seduced by Aidan, who's just draining the life out of her bit by bit and Xena's dark side takes over turning her into a hideous monster.

14.Devi- Xena and Gabrielle travel to India where they meet a very special magician called Eli, an evil spirit possesses Gabrielle and Eli realizes that he has very special powers.

15.Between the lines- Xena and Gabrielle are sent to their future lives in order to stop a mysterious enemy from destroying their Karma.

16.The way- In order to protect Eli and Gabrielle from an evil demon, Xena seeks the help of the god Krishna.

17.The plays the thing- Gabrielle's vision of theater changes when she's tricked into becoming the producer of a play, but it is all part of a theater scam.

18.The convert- Najara is back claiming that she has changed her deadly ways after meeting Eli while Joxer deals with his first kill and facing the son of the man he murdered.

19.Takes one to know one- In a pre-modern version of "Clue" Xena must find out who murdered a bounty-hunter who was staying at her mother's tavern after Discord threatens to kill someone out of random if the mystery is not solved. This are the possible murderers: Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, Lila (Gabrielle's sister), Cyrene (Xena's mom), Autolycus, Minya and Argo (Xena's horse)

20.Endgame- After Ephiny dies in battle Gabrielle must return to the Amazons and reclaim her position as Queen.

21.Ides of March- After Callisto is sent back from hell to destroy Xena she joins forces with Julius Caesar, who dreams about finally becoming Emperor. After Xena goes to Rome to kill Caesar and Gabrielle meets with Eli, a series of events take place that end with Caesar being murdered by the senate before he proclaimed himself Emperor, and Xena and Gabrielle end up being crucified by Romans.

22.Déjà Vu All Over Again- In a modern-day episode a woman named Annie suspects that she is Xena's reincarnation so she and her boyfriend Harry go to a past-lives counselor, Dr. Mattie Merrill and find out that Annie is in fact Joxer, Harry is Xena and Dr. Mattie is Gabrielle.

Season Five

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