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Season Five

1.Fallen angel- After Xena and Gabrielle die at the hands of Romans they must struggle to save their souls in an epic fight of good versus evil.

2.Chakram- Xena and Gabrielle are back thanks to Eli and angel Callisto who brought them back to life, but something is missing, Xena's dark side. She has no memories of anything bad of evil at all, so Ares tries to trick her into using that purity to remove a sacred Chakram from its altar, a Chakram that could kill a god.

3.Succesion- Ares organizes a competition between a woman named Mavican (who wants to prove that she's worthy of being Ares' right hand)and Xena and Gabrielle supposedly to see who's best. But his true intentions are brought to light when he merges Xena and Gabrielle into the same body and only gives Gabrielle the power to kill Mavican in the hope that he could seduce Gabrielle into killing her and into joining him

4.Animal Attraction- Everybody is shocked (including Xena) when they find out that Xena is pregnant, but the big question comes to mind, Who's the father?????!!!!!!!!!!!

5.Them bones, them bones- Xena, Gabrielle and Amarice go to the Amazons seeking help after Xena has a vision that something is trying to kill her baby. This vision turns out to be Alti who wants to return to the physical world using Xena's child as the portal.

6.Purity- Xena and Gabrielle go to China to recover Lao Ma's book of wisdom and to fight one of Lao Ma's long lost twin daughters who wants to possess the book and use it for her own evil purposes.

7.Back in the bottle- Xena learns the secrets of Lao Ma's wisdom in order to save herself, Joxer, Gabrielle and the Chinese population from an army led by Lao Ma's evil children, Pao Su and Ming Tien.

8.Little problems- Xena finds herself trapped in the body of a little girl called Daphne after one of Aphrodite's spells backfires.

9.Seed of a faith- Eli faces his destiny and is killed by Ares, who's afraid that an old prophesy of the Twilight of the gods might come true while Xena finally discovers the identity of her child's father, you won't guess who it turns out to be. (It's quite freaky if you ask me!!!!!)

10.Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire- In another musical adventure Xena and the others organize a concert to decide who keeps Terpsichore's lyre.

11.Punch lines- Gabrielle and Argo are shrunken into mini versions of themselves after the meet a rather odd character, Lachrymose, god of despair.

12.God fearing child- The Fates foretold that the birth of Xena's child would herald the death of the Greek gods, so Zeus joins forces with Ares and Hades to kill Xena's unborn child, while Hercules and Hera join Xena and Gabrielle to save it.

13.Eternal bonds- After Joxer is wounded with a poisoned dagger Gabrielle joins with him to find the antidote while Xena battles the armies from three different temples that want to kill her newborn daughter, Eve.

14.Amphipolis under siege- Athena attacks Xena's hometown to try and kill Xena's daughter, Eve, and stop the Twilight of the gods.

15.Married with fishsticks- After Gabrielle is knocked unconscious into the sea, she wakes up in a different world; with amnesia and thinking she's a wife, a mother of three and, check this out, a mermaid.

16.Lifeblood- Xena and Gabrielle go to the Amazons to make Eve an Amazon Princess and discover is up to them to prevent an unnecessary war.

17.Kindered Spirits- Gabrielle takes her responsibilities as Queen very seriously, but her resolve is tested when she has to uphold Amazon laws and punish Joxer for breaking these laws, and has to decide between staying with the Amazons and be Queen permanently or continue life on the road with Xena.

18.Antony and Cleopatra- When Cleopatra is murdered Xena and Gabrielle go to Egypt where Xena impersonates Cleopatra in her plan to defeat Marc Antony and Brutus.

19.Looking Death in the eye- Tired of being persecuted by the gods, Xena, Gabrielle and Eve pay a visit to the Fates who tell them that in order for the Twilight to be set in motion Xena had to die. So they come up with a plan to trick the gods into believing they were dead, a plan that backfires when Ares (thinking that they're dead) takes Xena and Gabrielle's bodies and puts them in an icy cave, in icy coffins in order to preserve their beauty.

20.Livia- Xena and Gabrielle finally wake up to find out that 25 years have passed and that Eve is now Livia, a ruthless warrior and murderer for Rome.

21.Eve- Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and their newfound friend Virgil (who's Joxer's son) go in search of an enraged Livia who wants to take her vengeance and anger out to the world and are faced with an incredible loss when Livia murders Joxer.

22.Motherhood- Livia is now Eve again and Xena is given the power to kill gods as long as Eve is alive. And so the Twilight comes. Xena kills most of the Olympians protecting her daughter.

Season Six

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