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Season Six

1.Coming Home- After giving up his immortality to save Xena, Gabrielle and Eve, Ares regrets it and wants to get his godhood back at all costs, but what he doesn't know is that the Furies are driving him insane because he betrayed the Olympians.

2.The haunting of Amphipolis- Xena returns to her home at Amphipolis to find out that her house is haunted, her mother's spirit is trapped and Mephistopheles wants to return to the physical world by spilling Eve's blood.

3.Heart of darkness- After killing Mephistopheles Xena must inherit his throne on hell, but when she refuses to go Michael sends Archangel Lucifer to make sure she does.

4.Who's Gurkhan?- This time is Gabrielle's turn to go home, but what she finds is not the homecoming she would've wanted. A raider named Gurkhan captured her niece, Sara, and when her parents and her brother-in-law tried to rescue her they were beheaded. Now Gabrielle decides to go rescue her, but it wouldn't only be a rescue mission, she also wants to kill the man who murdered her family.

5.Legacy- Some tribes of nomads that lived in the desert enlist the help of Xena and Gabrielle when Romans threatened to attack them, but a terrible accident may cost Gabrielle her life.

6.The abyss- Virgil and Gabrielle may become dinner at a cannibals' dinner party unless Xena gets there in time to rescue them.

7.The Rheingold- When a man named Beowulf goes searching for Xena's help Xena goes to the Norse lands to undo something terrible she had done in her past.

8.The ring- After Xena and Gabrielle reunite they must battle Odin, the Valkyrie and Grindl in order to retrieve the magical ring made from the Rheingold to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. But after a chain of events occurs Xena loses her memory, Beowulf almost dies, and Brunnhilda turns herself into an eternal flame to protect Gabrielle and the ring from falling into undeserving hands, and Gabrielle, protected by Brunnhilda's flame, falls into a deep sleep holding the ring in her hand.

9.The return of the Valkyrie- A year has passed, and legends of the Lady of the Ring are well known throughout the Norse lands, but nobody can rescue Gabrielle because only her soul mate can pass through the flames to save her. Beowulf finds Xena and they must rescue Gabrielle, keep the ring from falling into the wrong hands and undo all the evil it has caused.

10.Old Ares had a farm- Xena and Gabrielle disguise Ares as a farmer to protect him from his enemies.

11.Dangerous Prey- When Amazons start to disappear in the forest Xena and Varia go into the woods to find out what's going on. To their surprise a twisted Prince is using the Amazons as part of his entertainment when he hunts them like animals, now Xena and Varia must stop him.

12.The god you know- Xena and Gabrielle must rescue Aphrodite, whose godhood is being stolen by Caligula, a crazy Roman emperor who wants to go down to history as one of the great gods of the Roman Pantheon.

13.You are there- An annoying reporter (we don't know how the hell he got there) stalks Xena and the people who have any relation with her wanting to get an exclusive story.

14.Path of vengeance- Xena and Gabrielle must save Eve from being executed by the Amazon Nation after she returns to face her evil past deeds, while Xena also has to convince Varia, the new Queen of the Amazon Nation, that Ares is just leading them down the path of destruction.

15.To Helicon and Back- Gabrielle must lead the Amazons on a dangerous rescue mission after their new Queen, Varia, is kidnapped by a ruthless warrior called Bellerophon who wants to kill all the Amazons in order to avenge the death of his mother, Artemis.

16.Send in the clones- Xena and Gabrielle leave their mark on today's world after their clones battle once again their archenemy Alti.

17.Last of the centaurs- Xena and Gabrielle must save Xenan, Ephiny's son, from being executed by Lord Belach, Borias' son.

18.When fates collide- After Caesar escapes the Underworld and alters the fabric of life, history changes and Caesar and Xena are rulers of Rome while Gabrielle is a famous playwright.

19.Many happy returns- Xena and Gabrielle must return the Helmet of Hermes to its rightful owner but along they way they must rescue a girl from being sacrificed, among other things.

20.Soul possession- A new scroll reveals a new and unknown chapter in Xena's life, supposedly saying that she was married, to Ares, God of war.

****21.A Friend in need: part one- On their way to Japan Xena relates the story of what had happened there a long time before (check out the section dedicated to the Series finale for a more detailed description).

****22.A Friend in need: part two- Xena makes the ultimate sacrifice when she dies in order to save 40,000 innocent souls (check out the section dedicated to the Series finale for a more detailed description).

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