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Virgil is my boyfriend, he just doesn't know it yet. I mean the man's gorgeous!!!! Anyway, let's go to his biography. As incredibly as it might sound Virgil's parents are Joxer and Meg. Although he shares their good hearts Virgil is different from his parents in nearly every way. The guy's handsome, sweet and smart. My dream guy. Anyway he lived a peaceful life as a child with his parents and his siblings. As a grown-up he became a blacksmith or something like that and worked at his father's farm, but he also loved writing epic poems. He first appears in the season 5 episode "Livia", when Xena and Gabby wake up from their 25-year-old sleep. Both Virgil and his father Joxer offer them their help in their quest to finding Eve. But when Eve murders Joxer Virgil's beliefs are tested and he has to choose between forgiving his father's murderer and taking revenge. At first he wants to take revenge, but his good heart stands out and he forgives Eve for what she had done. After his father's death Virgil decides to go live with his mother and siblings in Athens, knowing that he is very much needed at such hard times. But it doesn't take long for him to decide that he wants to life a life of adventures, so he sets out to find Xena and Gabby and finds them at Amphipolis, where Xena is dealing with her own problems: finding her replacement to take the throne of Hell. There Virgil and Gabby get it on, you know, since everybody was turned evil, but they come to their senses before anything could happen. After that he kept traveling with Xena, Gabby and Eve, following them in their adventures to places as far as North Africa, where Gabby goes to get her niece, Sara, back. We loose track of him after that for a while until we see him again and for the last time in "The Abyss", when he and Gabby are almost eaten by hungry cannibals. Although his family was a little strange Virgil's good heart shone from the very beginning and he proved to be a useful ally to Xena and Gabby as well as a good friend. Like his father, he seemed to have somewhat of an attraction towards Gabby, although he never admitted being in love with her (good for him, no offense to Gabby but she is too old for him). Even though we don't hear from him again after "The Abyss" one can guess that Virgil kept on having adventures on his own and he kept doing one of the things he loved most: writing about them.

1-Full name: Virgil

2-Eye Color: Blue

3-Hair Color: Brown

4-Height: around 6 feet

5-Body Built: Muscular (yum!!!)

6-Parents: Joxer and Meg

7-Siblings: it's not specified how many or what were their names he just mentions "his brothers and sisters"

8-Talents: I believe that he used to be a blacksmith or something like that at his father's farm, but he was also a writer and an amazing fighter.

9-Why I like him so much: Well, because he's everything I'd my boyfriend or husband to be like. He's handsome, super handsome. I mean physically he's just the way I like them. Tall, white, blue eyes, brown hair and very muscular. But he's also perfect internally. He's really sweet, loving and caring. And he has this voice that is so sweet and soothing. But at the same time he's brave and strong and he's willing to fight for something he believes in. He's just my dream guy.

10-Episodes he appeared in: Eve, Livia, Looking Death in the eye, Heart of Darkness, Who's Gurkhan? and The Abyss.