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Xena: Warrior Princess

Xena is, of course, the hero of our series. Her life has been full of action, drama, adventures, love, hate, close encounters with tons of gods, well, her life has been anything but dull. Her story begins at a village called Amphipolis where she was born and raised, she had a normal life like any kid her age would have, but it didn't take long for tragedy to occur. Her father Atrius, who was a warrior and devoted follower of Ares, came home drunk one day from the temple of Ares with one thing in mind, sacrificing Xena. Her mother, Cyrene, couldn't allow such a thing to happen, so in the struggle of stopping her husband from killing her only daughter, she killed him. After that Xena's life continued to be as normal as it could be, living peacefully with her mother and her two brothers, Toris and Lyceus, until tragedy struck once again. A warlord called Cortese attacked Xena's village threatening the lives of the townsfolk. Xena and her brother Lyceus, with whom she was very close mounted a defense to defend themselves from Cortese's attack. At the end they were able to defeat Cortese, but at a great prize, Lyceus and a lot of other townsfolk were killed in battle, and Xena was blamed for it. Full of rage and anger Xena organized an army and started attacking and conquering places because she started to enjoy it very much, it is then when she meets Julius Caesar, a young and attractive Roman whose belief in destiny intrigued Xena. But after trusting Caesar he betrayed her, crucified her and killed one of her closest friends, awakening a Xena full of darkness and lust for revenge. After meeting Borias and seducing him away from his family she and this raising warlord headed east where they left their marks both on China and Japan. I believe (Im not entirely sure) that it is around this time, after leaving China, when Xena visits the Norse Lands, also leaving her legacy of blood among its people. After meeting with Borias again Xena struck again, only this time the fierce amazons were her target, whose leaders she killed and whose souls she trapped with the help of Alti, an evil witch who had been banned from Amazon lands for practicing the dark ways of magic. She promised Xena that she was destined to be The Destroyer of Nations a prophecy that Xena continued to believe, a destiny that she kept following even when she was pregnant with her first child, Solan. She waged war on the Centaur Community and on Corinth because she was in search of the Ixion Stone. In the heat of battle Xena gave birth to a healthy boy, Solan, who couldn't even meet his father because Borias was killed after he betrayed Xena and crossed over to the Centaurs' side (it was not under Xena's orders). Faced with such situation and wanting to protect her son she gave Solan to Kaleipus, the head of the Centaurs, who would raise him as his own in the memory of his father.

After this it didn't get any better, Xena continued her battles seeking ultimate power, for years she found satisfaction in causing suffering wherever she went. Until one day she met Hercules. I'm not going to say that it was only because of him that she changed, because is not, but he helped her during that time when her conscience was kicking in telling her that what she was doing was wrong. After realizing that what her heart really wanted was for her to be good Xena left Hercules' side determined to make up for what she had done. It is in this time, on her way to Amphipolis, when she meets a spirited young bard, who is amazed by her heroics when Xena saves her and the other girls of her village from being sold into slavery by a man named Draco. Gabrielle, without hesitation followed her and after Draco was defeated Gabrielle convinced Xena to let her travel with her, and the rest is history. Xena's life as a hero has included stopping bloody wars, killing ruthless warlords, saving people as a healer in many wars, having close encounters with gods such as Ares and Aphrodite, killing demons, turning into demons and the list goes on and on. On her personal life Xena has loved, hated, had another child, Eve, redeemed herself for her past deeds and has found in Gabrielle her trusty companion. Xena's story comes to an end when she dies in Japan saving the souls of 40,000 people undoing another of her past deeds, but forever stays at Gabrielle's side, whose heart and soul cannot be whole unless they are together, they are soul mates and their love transcends time, life and even death.