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Xena's Universe
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Virtual Seasons

Ok, so you probably think I lost my mind, I mean, Xena is over right? Well not to us, the fans, because of this a group of very cool and devoted Xenites have organized this thing called a virtual season, this is a continuation of the series only that instead of watching the episodes you have to read them, is like fan fiction but at the same time is not. Anyway, youll have to check it out!!!!!!

Ok, so here's the thing. I haven't this website in a million years, so when I started reviewing this section I noticed that a lot of these virtual season are gone. RIP.
This sucks, it makes me feel like Xena's sliping away, and I don't like that. The good news is that I was able to update some of the links, which were old, so they should all work now. And better yet, I found some other virtual seasons to fill the void left by those who are gone. Enjoy!
New Virtual Seasons

Spanish Virtual Season

Snowlite's Xena Virtual Season 7

Convergence: A Xena Spin-off

Italian Xena Virtual Season

I have no clue where this VS is from

Ok, something really weird has been going on with the original Xena Virtual Season. Its link,, doesn't work, and I have no idea why. So I surfed the net and I was able to find a link that works, but it's a weird one. Anyway, here it is:

Original Xena Virtual Season

Updated June 23, 2006

I just heard that there is another Xena virtual season around so you may also want to check it out.

Another Virtual Season--Currently Offline

Happy news subtext lovers!!!!!!!
There is another Xena Virtual Season, only this one is strictly dedicated to subtext, so go and check it out!!!!

Xena: Warrior Princess Subtext Virtual Season

This is for you Gabby lovers!!! This other virtual season that I found revolves around Gabby's life after Xena's death. There is NO Xena in this virtual season. So if you are ok with that check it out!!!

Tales of the Warrior

Xena fans never cease to amaze me. Do you have any idea of how much work developing a Virtual Season takes? Just the fact that I keep finding new virtual seasons shows how devoted Xena fans truly are. There is another Xena Virtual Season, make sure to check it out:

Shipper Seasons

It's incredible, I just keep finding more and more virtual seasons!!!!! This is like the sixth virtual season I've found, what can I say, Xena fans rock!!!!!! Check out ThE EternaL WarriorS Shrine of LegacY virtual season:

ThE EternaL WarriorS ShrinE of LegacY

This is the seventh virtual season I've found, I really admire the people who take on the huge task of making a virtual season, they're my heroes. Xena fans are the coolest people I know that's for sure. Check out this Xena Virtual Season on the Xenafight website:

The Ultimate Xena Page---Offline

I just found that there's another Xena Virtual Season, a Russian one. Although I don't speak Russian and I don't undersand a word that's written there I'm gonna keep checking it because it's gonna be in English and Spanish soon. So....check it out.

Russian Virtual Season---offline

I heard of yet another Xena Virtual Season and decided to add it here. This one is more of a mini series and it relates Mel Pappas and Janice Convington's adventures after finding the Xena scrolls. Check it out here:

The Xena Scrolls

An Eve oriented Virtual Season, or more of a Virtual Series. Pretty much everone from the series is there. So check it out:

The Messenger---Offline

Eve is a completly original virtual spin-off series from Xena. It takes place in Los Angeles, in the year 2002, where Eve herself is fighting the forces of evil, fans are soooo inventive!!! Check it out:


This is another Gabby oriented Virtual Season (or Virtual Series), with Eve, Virgil, Ares and all the other usual guys from the show. No Xena in this one though. Check it out here:

Another Gabby series. It's nice to see how people see Gabby's strength and want to write about her future adventures. I guess there's no Xena. If you're okay with that check it out:

Gabrielle: The Battlng Bard---Offline