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Xena's Universe
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Xena and Gabrielle want YOU!!!!

Hello folks. As you know it has been a year since Xenas Series Finale. Although it brought sorrow to all of the Xenaverse a lot of us have found comfort in being able to have new adventures from Xena and Gabby each week through the Virtual Episodes. The Xena Warrior Princess Virtual Season has been a success among the online Xenaverse which is why I feel very happy to announce that there will be a Xena Warrior Princess Virtual Season 8. But as we all know producing a Virtual Season is hard work. Thats why we need YOUR help. If youre a bard or an artist or you feel that you could contribute to the Virtual Season in any way contact the XWPVS team right away!!!! They are a group of great people who work hard to bring us entertainment each week and they deserve our help. They can be contacted at: .For more information visit their News and FAQ here:

Xena and Gabrielle want YOU!!!

 At the Xenacentro we are also looking for translators. We contribute to Virtual Season by translating the episodes from English to Spanish so they may reach a bigger audience. You dont have to be incredibly good at English or at Spanish, you just have to have a desire to help and we will find a job for you. If youd like to become a translator (like me) you can talk to me since Im in the team. You can reach me in English or in Spanish on twitter, at @QueerStories. Remember: all it takes is the desire to help to make a difference. Become part of our team and make Xena and Gabby proud.                                               Natalia