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Xena's Universe
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Characters' Guide

Okay, so this is the deal, here is the general list of characters that have appeared on Xena, this is just a short description of them but as time goes by I will make a more detailed description for the most important ones such as Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, etc.


Xena-The Warrior Princess
Gabrielle-Xenas best friend in the world, the Battling Bard of Poteidaia
Eve-Xenas daughter, the messenger of Eli.
Solan-Xenas son, he was killed when he was just a little boy.
Cirene-Xenas mother.
Atrius [Orestes]-Xenas father.
Lyceus- Xenas youngest brother.
Toris- Xenas oldest brother.
Hecuba- Gabrielles mother.
Herodotus- Gabrielles father.
Lila- Gabrielles sister, she had a daughter named Sara. Hope- Gabrielles evil daughter, she killed Solan.
Cortese- he attacked Xenas village,Amphipolis,and killed Xenas brother, Lyceus.
Draco- he attacked Gabrielles village, he was about to take the villages girls into slavery,including Gabrielle, but Xena saved them,which is when Xena and Gabrielle meet for the first time.
Lecter-Lilas husband,killed by Gurkhan.
Termin-Xenas first kill.
Borias-Solans father[Xenas lover].
Satrina-Xenas slave,caused Borias death.
Dagnine-killed Borias.
Kaleipus-chief of the centaurs,Solans adoptive father,like Solan he was killed by Hope.
Callisto-she was one of Xenas victims,but her anger and hatred led her to be one of Xenas greatest enemies.
Darphus-he betrayed Xena, but that betrayal led Xena to join Hercules,that joining helped Xena to have a change of heart.
Malayla-one of Xenas old friends,she taught Xena about the pressure points and tried to save her from Caesar,her death really affected Xena.
Meridian-one of Dahaks followers,Gabrielles first kill. Khrafstar-Dahaks priest,he tricked Gabrielle into killing Meridian.
Banshees-they tried to protect Gabrielle when she was pregnant with Hope.
Marcus-one of Xena's lovers, he helped Xena get Hades back his helmet of invisibility.
Perdicas-Gabrielles husband, Callisto killed him.
Joxer-one of Xena and Gabrielles best friends, he wanted to be a warrior but he wasnt, he was killed by Eve, Xenas daughter, when she was evil.
Virgil-Joxers son, another of Xena and Gabrielles dearest friends, he is a poet, a blacksmith and a warrior [not to mention a real babe].

Another characters and important places

Poteidaia-Gabrielles village.
Amphipolis-Xenas village.
Naiyima-a woman that Xena and Gabrielle met in India,she taught them about the Karmic circle,the Karma and some of that things.
Alti-an Amazon who had a bad influence in Xena,she even cursed Solan so he would never feel the love from his parents.
The places that Hades controls are:
a. Elysian Fields-for the good people.
b. Tartarus-for the bad people.
c. Asphodel Meadows
Alcyonian Lake-a way to get to the Underworld.
Chiron-he is the one who drives the boat that gets dead people to the Underworld.
Salmoneus- a very eloquent salesman who was always getting into trouble.
Autolycus- he was a thief, the King of thieves to be more exact.
LaoMa-Xenas mentor from China.
MingTien-Lao Mas son, the evil Green Dragon.
MingZu-MingTiens father.
Varia- she is the current queen of the Amazon Nation Bellerophon-he was the son of Artemis, he wanted to avenge his mothers death by killing the amazons because he felt that after everything Artemis had done for them they had turned their backs on her and he wanted to punish that betrayal with death. Even though by then Xena had lost the ability to kill gods she killed him because he wasnt a full god, he was a half-god.
Diana-She was one of Xenas look alikes, she was a princess with a lot of class, and a very wealthy-like personality. Meg-She was another of the group of Xenas look alikes, unlike Diana she was a poor woman with no class at all and a very tramp-like personality,she ended up as Joxers wife and gave birth to Virgil(he is my boyfriend, although he doesnt know it yet).
Leah-She was another of the group of Xenas look alikes, only she was a priestess in the temple of Hestia(a hestian virgin).
The Fates-They had a loom that controlled the fate of the World.
a. Clotho
b. Lachesis
c. Atropos
AKEMI-She is, without a doubt, the one character in the entire series that I just cannot stand, I HATE HER!!!!! She was supposedly Xenas friend, but it was her actions that involved Xena in the whole mess that later on cost Xena her life. Akemi killed her father who later on became the eater of souls, it was because of her that Xena went to Higuchi, where she was going to honor Akemis ashes but the people didnt want her to and she accidentally started a fire where 40,000 people died, which is the reason why Xena died, or stayed dead, and so on, and so on.
Yodoshi- Akemis evil father. Hes is a bad guy with no personality who, after dying, became Lord Yodoshi, the eater of souls. For more than 35 years he dedicated his life, or rather afterlife, to killing innocent people to satisfy his appetite for souls.


Zeus-king of the gods, father of the gods and mankind as well, god of the skies, of rain and of thunder.
Hera-Zeus bride and sister, goddess of marriage.
Ares-god of war, Zeus and Heras son.
Hades-Zeus brother, king of the underworld.
Poseidon-Zeus brother, king of the seas.
Athena-goddess of wisdom,of the arts,of science and of industry; she had Athens under her protection.
Demeter-goddess of nature and of agriculture.
Persefone-Hades wife,queen of the underworld.
Hermes-Zeus son, god of eloquence, of commerce and of thieves.He was also the messanger of the gods.
Cronos-Zeus,Poseidons,Hades, Hestias, Demeters and Heras father.
Rea-Cronos wife, she was the mother of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades,Hestia, Demeter and Hera.
Afrodite-goddess of love and beauty.

Character Biographies


Xena: Warrior Princess

Xena: Warrior Princess


       Ares, God of War




Gabrielle: The Battling Bard of Poteidaia

Gabrielle: The Battling Bard of Poteidaia

***We'll miss you Kevin!!!!!!