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Xena's Universe
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News and Updates

Well, in July 26, 2001 I finally published my little Xena site after I worked on in during the summer, but it wasn't until November that I got the urge of adding a news and updates page so here it is. I try to update as much as I can, but due to schoolwork and other stuff that's going on I just don't have enough time to add a bunch of cool things. But I try hard and I love my site, I'm very proud of it. Check out what's new around and thanks for dropping by!!!!!

What's new?

June 23, 2006
Well, here I am. I know it has forever since I've been to my own site, much less updated, but I've been feeling nostalgic today, June 23 (you know what today is) so I decided to come and update. Now, don't get your hopes up, I didn't do a whole lot, mostly updated outdated stuff. Also, I wish I could say I will update more, but I can't promise that, I'm not that inspired when it comes to this. Plus, when I'm in school, I have time for nothing. But anyway, here are the updates:
-Changed my email address.
-Kinda updated my bio page and added a link to my myspace
-Added and fixed links in the links section
-Updated the Virtual Seasons page with new seasons, updated some links and took down those that don't work.
-Added an entry for today at the FIN Anniversary page.
-Added a pretty simple (coughlamecough) Trading Page mostly to say I have a few extra Xena cards
So, there you have it. Peace. :)

You want to know what's up in the Xenaverse? There's some sites I like to go a lot to find out. They are updated a lot and they always have the latest news. Check out their news sections:

Xena Web2k


Roach at the Xena Videos Archive (aka Roachs Realm) is hosting a music video contest. I submitted one of my videos, "Just Like a Pill", cause it's my favorite. Go check the contest out, and if you like my video maybe you'll vote for me...

Roachs Video Contest

April 2

Hello! Long time no see. My angelfire account was cancelled by them, so my videos are just sitting around my computer waiting to be put up someplace. I have to work on that, but until I do they video website is gone, it's sucks, I know. I'm working on various videos, that's why I don't update a lot, cause I concentrate on videos.

-I added a couple of links in the Links section

-Don't forget to get your Xena DVD set coming out this April! I think Best Buy has the best deal yet, so check out their site!

December 29

-I just want to wish you all a Happy New Year!! Now to the updates

-I finally have my own Xena Music Videos website!!!. It's not much (it's on an angelfire free account), but it's better than nothing. Let me know what you think.You can find a link to it in the Multimedia section.

-I added a link or two to the links section

-Due to some problems I've been having with my computer I might not be able to update in some time, sorry about that.

December 13

-I'm a lousy webmaster,I know. Sorry about that. But i'll try to make up for it this Holidays, I promise. I'm trying to figure out a way to set up a decent multimedia section, I have so much to share and it frustrates me that I can't (I have 6 music videos, plus clips from seasons 1,2,3,5; plus sounds, etc.)

-Fixed a couple of broken links

October 5

-Big VS premiere so, I updated the VS page. Check out this week's ep, believe me, it's cute.

-Added October's birthdays

-Gave the site a more Halloween look. Hope you don't think it's kinda dorky.

-Added a link another Gabby Serie

September 6

-Added a guestbook. Would you all be nice and sign it?

-Updated the news archive

-Added september's birthdays

****I know I haven't updated a lot in a long time. There are 2 reasons for that:

1. School doesn't let me-I have so much to do all the time and so much to study that I don't have the time to do anything.

2.No web space-I have like less that 2mb left on my free account that although I have like 2 new music videos, plus 2 more I'm working on, I can't upload them cause I haven't got the space.

****Hopefully things will get better with time.

August 3, 2002

-Put up a page asking for help with the XWPVS

-Added Virgils biography accompanied by a Virgil collage.

-Updated the news achieve with information about ROCs appearance in Shakespeare by the Sea

-Added a page called Afins Anniversary relating what I did on the day Afin turned into a 1-year-old.

-Added this weeks virtual episode info

-Added August's birthdays

June 22

Well, I've been working around, fixing a couple of links and stuff, here is what I did today:

-Posted June's birthdays

-Added a couple of links to some great sites

-Put this week's Virtual Episode info

-Added some links to another bunch of Virtual Seasons or Virtual Series

-Fixed a link or two

May 21

-I put everything all the things I had taken down back on.

-Added a new music video!

-Updated the news archive

-Updated this months birthdays archive.

April 4

-Updated this week's episode info.

-Updated April's Celebrity Birthdays.

***I might not be able to update the site a lot in the upcoming days because I have a lot of schoolwork to do. Sorry.

March 28

-Lucys turning 34 tomorrow!!! Congratulations Lucy!!!!

-I changed this weeks episode info.

-I had a decent update in my Kevins memorial

        Added some useful links regarding Kevins death.

        Added Kevins biography accompanied by a collage and a slideshow presentation.

        Added Ares biography accompanied by an Ares collage.


March 23

-Updated this weeks virtual episode info.

-Added a link to another Virtual Season, but this time is kinda special since its a Russian one! You can find the link at the Virtual Seasons page.

-MUSIC VIDEO ALERT!!!!!!!! Its here people! At long last I present you with my very first music video: My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. Go check it out at my multimedia section, I hope you like it.

***Special note: Since I have this week off I will dedicate my time to preparing Kevins Memorial page, something Ive been meaning to do for a long time but I just hadnt had the chance. Keep an eye for it.

 March 11                                                                               

-I have a very special update today: I joined the Xena & Hercules banner exchange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very happy about it and I sure hope that more people will visit my site, and like it.                                                                    

-Also I added my first pool about a very hot issue: SUBTEXT                                                                              

-The counter and the chatroom are back online.                

-I changed the info for this week's episode.                   

March 7                                                                              

Im baaaaackkkk!!!! I know it has been like forever, its just that I was really affected by Kevins death, it took me a while to recover. Then I decided that a was gonna come back with a big fat update so here it is.                               

-Changed this weeks episode info                                       

-Added slideshows to my page!!!!!! Go to the multimedia section.                                                                                

-I added a tribute page in memory of Kevin, whose passing has left us all in total shock, theres practically nothing there yet, just a note from me, but that will change I promise (I got some things cooking)                                 

-The chat and the counter are out because some internal problems that Bravenet had, theyll be back online soon.     

-Until I work on my Kevin Page, you should take at look at ForeXenas Ares tribute page, its really, really complete.(Find her site in the links page)                                            

-Updated this months birthdays. Kevin wouldve turned 39 this march.                                                                           

-Added a Well miss you Kevin!!! tag on all the pages.  

February 4
-Put on "Happy Valentine's Day" tags on most pages.
-Changed this month birthdays.
-New virtual episode.
January 28
-New week, new virtual episode.
January 25
-Changed this week's virtual episode info.
-Added links to another 2 virtual seasons I found.
January 15
-Today I changed this week's episode info.
-I have lot of surprises in the making, so check back soon!! (Sorry I couldn't get them done by the time I had planned.)
January 8
-Today I changed this week's virtual episode info. Next week the new episodes start, yay!!!!!
-In the past days I added a webrings page and rearranged some of the banners at my homepage. Also, I added a couple of banners supporting a couple of more causes.
-I added a link to, it's a great site, check it out!!!!!!
-I'm working on some cool stuff to add, that's why there has been a lack of updates lately. Hopefully I'll be done before school starts next week and I'll be able to add them at the end of this week or next week .Keep coming!!!!!!
January 1
First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!
-Okay, today I changed this week's episode info
-Today I added a new collage called "Go team!!"
-Changed the birthdays section with January's birthdays
-Also I updated the news archieve
-First of all MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!
-Okay, today I added a multimedia page, for now it is only sounds, but it'll get better, I promise!!!
-Today I also changed this week's virtual episode info, "The Battle of Amphipolis" in the Virtual Seasons section.
-Today I added a link to another virtual season
-Also today I added the episode guide.
-Today I added a link to another virtual season.
-Changed this week episode info.
-Updated the News section.
-Today I updated the virtual episode info with this week's episode, Strange Tidings
-I fixed the link to the Xena Video Achieves, Roach moved to another address and gave the site a whole new look, it's so cool, you have to check out!!!!!!
-I added a page about me, so you'll see how boring my life
-Also, I added a link to Bravenet, a great place where you can find free stuff for your site.
-Another cool thing added is a chatroom so you can chat with your friends.
-I put on another Xena picture from AFIN.
Today I put on a counter to see how much people visit my site(just so I could get deppressed because nobody does).
Changed this week's virtual episode info, Honor Bound 2.
Well, it looks like the technical problems are gone, so maybe I will update more. Sorry about the lack of updates this week, I was very busy and very sick. Now, let's go to the updates:
-Added 2 links, one to a new virtual season and the other to another Xena Store.
-Updated the news and birthdays section
-Updated this week's virtual episode info, yes, is Honor Bound again, they are gonna have reruns until January. I know it sucks, it used to suck with the actual series and it also sucks now.
-Today I also changed the whole look of the site,I can't even recognize it. I changed a lot of things so they could fit into the new look. Cool, huh?
I updated this weeks virtual episode info like I do every week.
Nov. 18
This page was finally published along with the updates I had done on the 13, I would have published them a lot sooner but I was experiencing technical problems.
Nov. 13
This page was added. Also, I updated the episode reviews page with this weeks virtual episode info.

What's going on in the Xenaverse?

-Lucy will appear on a show called "The Bernie Mac Show".   The date hasn't been announced, which means that I'll be taping that show every Wednesday unti she appears, you should too. Go here for more info:
-Tsianina Joelson (Varia) has given birth to a baby boy named Paul on Wednesday the 28th. Mother and Son are said to be in good health.
- Renee will be performing Lady Macbeth in the Shakespeare by the Sea production of Macbeth. It starts June 27 and will run for five weeks in San Pedro, CA. Then it will go on a tour of the beach cities of Southern California until August 24. You will find the schedule, as it becomes available, on their web page at :
For more information on ROCs theater appearance go to :
-Lucy had a baby boy! Judah Miro Tapert was born at 11:46pm local time on May 7th.  Weight 8 lbs 8 oz. Congratulations Lucy!
-Lucy is pregnant again!!!!!! We will get to see another Warrior Princess or Prince by April or May of 2002!!! Read the whole story here:


Recent news
-These are some news posted to the fan club mailing list, I'm not a part of it but I always get a hold of them in other pages. Enjoy!!!!
(December 19, 2001)
Special announcement for the upcoming Pasadena Herc/Xena con!
originally posted to the Xena Fan Club mailing list

Creation Entertainment is thrilled to announce that RENEE O'CONNOR will appear live on-stage in AR Gurney's moving play LOVE LETTERS. This special event offers an amazingly rare opportunity to watch this dynamic star in an exclusive theatrical performance. LOVE LETTERS, with a male lead still to be announced, will take place on Saturday Night of the Annual Official XENA Convention, this year set for February 15-17, 2002 at the Pasadena Center. We are also happy to announce that another very gifted performer will be joining us in an all too rare convention appearance: JAQUELINE KIM (Lao Ma) will be part of the weekend as well!

Take care,
Your friends at Creation Entertainment

-Okay, this is about me. I joined the Xenacentro (Centro de Recursos para el Xenaverso)!!! They are the ones responsible for translating the virtual episodes to Spanish. I'll be starting this week, wish me luck!!!!!
-There has been talk about releasing Xena DVDs in the USA. Here's the message the Fan Club sent to its members (I'm not part of it, not because I don't want to but because I don't have a credit card. But where I got this information is a very trustworthy source.)
(December 15, 2001)
XWP on DVD!!
posted to the Xena Fan Club mailing list by Sharon at Creation

All you DVD fans get ready. It's finally going to happen.

I had a conversation with Rob Tapert today as he was driving back from a commentary session with Lucy and Renee for . . . the director's cut DVD of "Friend In Need." He also told me the studio will be releasing season six on DVD in the near future. Not sure at this time if Lucy and Renee will be doing commentary on any of the other DVDs.

These DVDs are for the U.S. and I expect that if sales go well, they will release seasons one through five as well. No date has been set yet for the release of either "Friend" or season six, but I believe it will be in the Spring of 2002 and we will be offering them for sale.

(Sharon Delaney
Official Xena Fan Club)


-Catch Lucy Lawless on The X Files!!!!! Lucy will be playing Agent Shannon McMahon on The X Files two-partner season premiere on Nov. 11 and 18, dont forget to check her out!!!!!
-Lucy will be on Craig Kilborn show -- late night show on CBS on Nov. 15 talking about her role on The X Files. She will also be on the Fox Evening News with Lisa Joiner. Check out your local listings.
-For those of you who love trading cards (like me) the Xena season 6 trading cards will be out on Nov. 30. Ive been following their development and it has been a little frustrating, first they were going to come out on Nov. 28, then on the 16, now on the 30, lets hope they dont change dates again. If you want to pre-order them or get more details you can follow this link:

If not wait for them to come out and buy them wherever store youd like. Want recommendations? Go to my links page and find out where I buy, they have great prices.
-LUCY AND RENEE will appear live on-tape in FAN CLUB KIT #5 GOLD EDITION, what does this mean? Well Lucy and Renee will get together to talk about what has been going on their lives since our favorite T.V. show ceased production last March and it will be taped for the fan club!!!!!! Want to know more? Check out more details at the Creation website at this address:

Not so recent news
-ROC-I know this is a little old but, Renee is finally a mom!!!!!!!! On September 22, 2001 Renee and her husband Steve Muir welcomed their son Miles William Muir into their family. He is, and I quote,- beautiful, healthy and who took the word "sleep" out of the dictionary.- Congratulations Renee!!!!
-LL- Lucys baby son, Julius, celebrated his second birthday last October 16. Congratulations little Julius!!!!!!!!
-Xena reruns are being aired on Oxygen weekdays at 6 and 11 pm and Saturdays and Sundays at 4 pm. Enjoy!!! Do you know whats ironic? I dont have that channel!!! These guys at Oxygen really are outdoing themselves to please us, the Xenites. Besides airing Xena on a daily basis on October they had two Xena Marathons, last November 3 they aired the Series Finale Directors cut with 16 minutes of never before seen footage and Xena fans have the opportunity to win a a five-night, six-day all-expense paid adventure cruise in the Caribbean by entering the XENA, Be A Warrior Princess Sweepstakes. Oxygen is working really hard to please us so check out their site!!!!! (Go to my links page.)
- Are you a Victoria Pratt (Cyane- Xena: Warrior Princess, Sarge- Cleopatra 2525) fan? Well check out her new series, Mutant X, on WB!!!!!!!

Celebrity Birthdays

Jennifer Sky 10/13
Julius Robert Bay Tapert  10/16

***We'll miss you Kevin!!!!!!