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Xena's Universe
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Xena's related links

On this page you'll find links to some of my favorite Xena sites. These sites are a lot bigger and sophisticated than mine so you should really check them out.If you have any favorite Xena sites e-mail me and let me know, I'll check them and I'll probably put them here. Xena's world in the net is huge, SO ENJOY!!!!!!

Last updated June 23, 2006
I spent some time checking things in this section, fixing the broken links and pointing out the sites that are offline. I also added some new sites.

Australian Xena Page- New!

Hercules and Xena Online--New!

The Warrior's Soul--New!!

Xena Online Resources--New!

New Official Xena site on Oxigen!!! -offline

AmazonBon's Xena Realm


The Warrior's Hut

Xena Video Archives

Xena Multimedia

Warrior Princess Nerd

Gabrielle: Battling Bard----offline

Sword and Staff

*The Sword and Staff site is a must see because it is a charity site owned by Xenites who are "working for the greater good".

This sites are not in English but I highly recommend them.

Desde tierras lejanas...a Xena y Gabrielle

Los pergaminos de Xena y Gabrielle (Xena and Gabrielle's Scrolls)--New

Guerrera y Barda

El Xenaverso de Atenea----offline

Xena Music Videos

The following are links to sites where you can find very cool Xena music videos, the videos are usually viewed with real player, but you can download the free version, if anything else is needed they tell you how to get it.

I want my XTV!!!!!!


T4 Productions

Xenaversity of Minnesota

Xena Video Dungeon

Xena Latin Video---offline

*This site is very important to all of us that are latin like me because it contains Xena music videos in Spanish!!!

My Own Xena Music Videos site!!!---offline

Buy Xena!!!!!!

Practically all the Xena stuff I have I bought it through the internet, so here is where I buy:

Power Star Collectibles

Power Star Collectibles has one of the biggest Xena stores I have ever seen so you definitely have to go there!!!!


Best Prices(DVDs)--New!

The Other Planet

The Other Planet sells merchandise from various shows and although their Xena store isn't so big they have GREAT deals when it comes to trading cards, so if you are into trading cards you have to check it out.

I know this is not Xena related but Bravenet is a great place where you can find a lot of great webmasters tools, FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!


***We'll miss you Kevin!!!!!!