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Xena's Universe

Hi!!!! And welcome to my Xena page!!!! This is just a humble site dedicated to the T.V. series "Xena:Warrior Princess". I am a very devoted Xena fan, so I decided to express my feelings about the show in this little site, in here you'll find the episode descriptions, biographies of the cast, pictures, and much more!!!! So take a little of your time and enjoy everything you find in this page, and most importantly remember that XENA RULES!!!!!!

Welcome to the Xenaverse!!!!

"Xena: Warrior Princess", a show that aired for the first time in 1995, is one of the best shows out there.You can find Xena fans all around the world, from the USA to France, and from France to Puerto Rico. The reason for its success is the great combination of special effects, exciting stories, great writers and producers and the work of amazing actors and actresses who gave life to its characters. Hopefully this site will help you become a more devoted Xenite, and I hope you'll know that you're not alone in your love towards Xena.

The show is about a warrior named Xena, who after walking down the path of destruction for a long time decides to change her deadly ways and becomes a fighter for good. Along with her in her journeys is Gabrielle, a spirited young bard who with time becomes Xena's most important person in the world and vice-versa. These women were friends, then best friends, and with time even soulmates.......

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Bring Xena back to the Xenaverse!!!!!!!

Xena Virtual Season

Xenite for Christ


Xenites Against Frauds


Friends or lovers???!!!!!

Some people say they're friends. Some people say they're lovers. But one thing is certain, these women are forever connected by a bond that nothing and nobody could ever break. What do you think about Xena and Gabrielle's relationship????? E-mail me and let me know what you think.

Hercules and Xena Banner Exchange

Xenites Against Ebay Fraud

All rights to "Xena:Warrior Princess" belong to Studios Usa, MCA Television and Pacific Renaissance Pictures , this site has no intention of violating any of this rights, its only purpose is to spread the word, something a lot of us already know: XENA RULES!!!! This site was created by Natalia, all rights reserved, 2001.