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Xena's Universe
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AFIN Anniversary

Whether we like it or not A Friend in Need marked the end of an era, the end of new Xena: Warrior Princess episodes. Although that hasnt stopped me and many other people from continuing to be part of the Xenaverse I gotta admit that its hard being enthusiastic about a show when youve seen all the episodes. Thank God for Virtual Seasons! But thats not the point. The point is that well never forget when we saw Xenas finale for the first time. I know I never will. It was June 23, 2001. Ill never forget that date for various reasons: my grandpa died on a June 23, which is also one of my cousins birthday. But I specially wont forget June 23, 2001. Not only it was my Grandpas anniversary of death and my cousins birthday, but when we went to church that Saturday the Church Chorus was celebrating their 10th anniversary, there was a big boxing match that night and it was also La Noche de San Juan, a festivity in Puerto Rico. Plus it was Xenas finale. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Mom and I went to Church and we got home at about 8:30 pm. The finale was on by then, since it was being broadcasted as a 2-hour movie, and I was taping it. After I got home I changed my clothes, ate something and then debated whether or not I should pick up AFIN at 9pm (since I had already seen AFIN 1 in a previous broadcast I knew that if I sat down at 9pm Id get to see AFIN2) or if I should watch it all the next day. I couldnt help myself and I sat down at 9 pm. It was an odd feeling. A part of me was desperate to watch it to see what was going to happen and another part of me was terrified of watching it for two reasons: I knew that after that Xena was no more and I was worried that Xena would die. Since it was the last episode I knew the creators could do whatever they wanted and they wouldnt have to worry about fixing things in the next episode, since there wouldnt be one. After I saw the finale I was drowning in tears. I remember doing everything you do when youre going to sleep (like brushing you teeth and stuff like that) really fast so I could go to my room to cry. Also, I was trying to make sure that Mom wouldnt notice. She did anyway. After that I cried for more that 3 straight hours, the next day my eyes were swollen and they hurt. I cried so much for lots of reasons. On one side the show was now officially over, plus AFIN provided us with lots of sentimental stuff. Anyway, that was a while ago. So I decided to add this section to my page. Here Ill write down how I commemorate Xenas last battleground each year. I hope many of you share with us your little rituals.

June 23, 2002
-On this important an emotional day I decided to relive that day so long ago, June 23, 2001. So, I waited until it was exactly 8:00 pm (like the first time) and I put on AFIN. All of it. No pressing the FF button or anything like that. I was even tempted to leave the commercials on (like it wouldve been like if it was being broadcasted at the moment) but I found them way too annoying. Then, for the next hour an a half I stared at the TV without blinking, only getting up when the commercials were on and only to drink something or to go to the bathroom. The only scene I had to Fast Forward was the kiss scene because Mom and Dad were there looking and I didnt want them asking questions. And since Ive watched that scene numerous times there was no problem. I hadnt seen AFIN in a long time and to be honest it wasnt so bad. I guess time heals, and since so much has been going on in the Xenaverse ever since AFIN doesnt feel like The End to me anymore. It wasnt so bad either. Next year Ill try to do something a little bit more exciting.

June 23, 2006
In the past couple of years I usually just sat down and had myself a Xena Marathon to conmemorate FIN, but this year I got the urge to update the site. So I did. Nothing major, though, basically just updated outdated info and fixed and added links. But I liked doing it, it took me back to when I first did it four years ago, and I miss those days. What can I say? I'm nostalgic today.


We Miss You Kevin!!!!!!